About Everbuild

Everbuild stands as the UK's premier manufacturer of sealants, adhesives, fillers, and building chemicals. It offers over three decades of expertise in this field. The company reputation for quality products is the reason why it resonates with both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The company was established in February 1994 by David Seymour, an individual who admitted to being passionate about DIY.

Integration of Everbuild into Sika

Everbuild Building Products Ltd is now owned by Sika AG. The company forms the UK Distribution target market within Sika Limited UK. This represents the merger of two industry titans. The integration of Everbuild into Sika enables the UK market to benefit from the combined expertise of the UK building trade and the cutting-edge construction solutions offered by the Sika Group on a global scale.

The company has established the highest quality standards in the industry. Their product line includes a variety of distinctive technologies for waterproofing, building finishing, sealing and bonding, and roofing, among others.

Everbuild Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives


Their range of sealants is a testament to their commitment to quality and versatility, from bathrooms to kitchens. Their Everflex 500 bath and sanitary sealants provide a mould-resistant solution perfect for high moisture areas. Everbuild General Purpose Silicone offers exceptional flexibility and adhesion, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Their One Hour Caulk is easily paintable and ideal for filling gaps in skirting boards and door frames etc.


Their adhesives cover a wide array of bonding requirements. Grab adhesives like Pinkgrip provide exceptional adhesive power on construction sites. It eliminates the need for underpinning or double-stick methods with its unparalleled initial bonding strength. D4 Wood Adhesive specially formulated for woodworking projects, provide a durable bond for most types of wood. Floor adhesives, designed to withstand the rigours of foot traffic, ensure a lasting bond for various floor coverings.

Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives 

Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power is the pinnacle in building adhesives and sealants, utilising advanced hybrid polymer technology. It offers unparalleled strength for bonding and sealing almost everything to anything. It is quite effective in almost any condition, including underwater or in the rain. Everbuild EB25 is versatile and effective in various environments, including underwater, and is suitable for use in sanitary and food areas. Once set, it withstands mould, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure.


In the realm of tapes, the company showcases a robust selection designed for strength and durability. Black Jack Flashing Tape features a durable blend of aluminium foil and bitumen rubber adhesive. The tape ensures a powerful, waterproof seal with its strong self-adhesive qualities. Mammoth Double Sided Tape a revolutionary double sided tape, offers immediate bond strength on various materials. Its moisture and UV resistance makes it alternative to traditional fastening methods in home, industrial, construction and office settings.

Wood Care, Treatment, and Building Supplies

They provide essentials for wood care and general building supplies. The wood care products, like Everbuild Wood Preserver and Everbuild Clear Varnish, protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood. In building supplies, the company offers bonding agents, repair mortars, putties, and paints. Each product serves a crucial role in construction and finishing processes. Together, these products ensure the integrity, aesthetics, and durability of both wooden and masonry structures.

Building Essentials and Landscaping

They offer essential supplies for plumbing, heating, tiling and roofing, encompassing treatments for system maintenance, tiling adhesives and grouts, and durable roofing materials. 

Focusing on outdoor spaces, Everbuild’s landscaping range offers solutions like Everbuild Path and Patio Seal and Everbuild Water Seal  designed to enhance and protect outdoor surfaces. 

Cleaners and Decorating Supplies 

Everbuild Cleaners range incluse powerful cleaners Everbuild Wonder Wipes are versatile cleaning wipes with an anti-bacterial additive, ideal for builders, decorators, and trade professionals.

Decorating Supplies range includes decorating sundries, fillers and rendering products, ideal for surface preparation, decorating tasks and providing high-quality finishes on external walls.

Everbuild FAQ

What is the relationship between Everbuild and Sika?

Everbuild Building Products Ltd is now part of Sika AG, forming the UK Distribution target market within Sika Limited UK, representing a merger of two industry leaders.

What products does Everbuild specialise in?

Their product line includes technologies for waterproofing, building finishing, sealing and bonding, and roofing, among others.

What are some key sealant products offered by Everbuild?

Notable sealant products include Everflex 500 bath and sanitary sealants, General Purpose Silicone, and One Hour Caulk among many others.

What are Everbuild's range of adhesives?

They offer various adhesives such as Pinkgrip Grab Adhesive, D4 Wood Adhesive, and Floor Adhesives, each catering to different bonding requirements.

Do they make Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives?

Yes, Everbuild offer advanced products like Stixall Extreme Power and EB25, utilising hybrid polymer technology for bonding and sealing in various conditions.

What types of tapes does Everbuild provide?

The company offers a large selection of tapes including Black Jack Flashing Tape and Mammoth Double Sided Tape, known for their strength, durability, and versatility.

What wood care and building supplies do they offer?

Their range includes wood preservers, varnishes, bonding agents, repair mortars, putties, and paints.

Does Everbuild cater to landscaping needs?

Yes, they offer a wide range of landscaping products that include Everbuild Path and Patio Seal and Everbuild Water Seal for outdoor surface enhancement and protection.

What is the purpose of Everbuild Wonder Wipes?

Their Wonder Wipes are versatile cleaning wipes with an anti-bacterial additive, ideal for various professional uses.

What types of decorating supplies does Everbuild offer?

Their decorating range includes sundries, fillers, and rendering products for surface preparation and finishing.

Can Everbuild products be used in different weather conditions?

Yes, products like the hybrid sealants and adhesives are designed to be effective in various conditions, including underwater and in the rain.

How can I choose the right Everbuild product for my needs?

To select the most appropriate product, we recommend reviewing the detailed product descriptions. For personalised guidance and expert advice tailored to your specific requirements, contact Power Tools Direct on 01903 776610. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in making the best choice for your project.

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